5 Superfoods to try in your next smoothie


There’s not much better than a cold, freshly blended smoothie on a hot summer day.

But are you maximizing your drink’s potential? With all the powders, nutrients, and supplements out there, it can feel overwhelming to choose the best option for you.



Here are 5 superfoods to boost your smoothie to the next level 


Acai Powder (ah-sah-EE!)  

 Acai berry is a grape-like fruit native to rainforests of South America. It has a similar taste to a blackberry or raspberry. It contains your daily intake of vitamin A, C, and omega-3 fatty acids.  

Goji Berry

A bright orange-red berry native to China, Goji berry has been touted as a fruit that is a "fountain of youth." While we can't say for sure whether it will help you live longer, goji berry is full of Vitamin A, C, and potassium to boost your immune system.  


 Maca Powder





This superfood is grown in the Peruvian Andes. Having been used medicinally for centuries, this supplement is well known for its ability to help enhance strength and endurance. It's packed full of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E.




Mesquite Powder

This super food, most often found in desert climates, "has an incredible rich, nutty, smoky, molasses-like flavor, with a hint of caramel." Full of fiber, potassium, zinc, and magnesium, this superfood goes great in beverages or in soups and salads.





Green "Sun is Shining" Superfood

This special blend of 19 raw ingredients is certified organic and non-GMO. Full of nutrients like vitamin B9 and B12, this mix goes great with cold water, almond milk, or blended into your favorite smoothie recipe. Check out the list of all ingredients (and a recipe for a "tummy detox") on Sunfood's website.


All of these superfoods (and more!) can be found at Take your $20 discount card from the mybestsmoothie box to find more ways to perk up your smoothies! 


Christine Williams
Christine Williams


Christine Williams is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York.