8 Tips & Tricks to Smoothie Prep like a BOSS

  1. Stock up!  The most important part of smoothie prep is making sure you stock up with all the necessary materials.  Compile a list of your 30 favorite recipes and put together a shopping list with all the necessary ingredients.  Remember if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  2. Chop Chop.  When you get home, lay out all your fruits and vegetables to prepare them for storage in freezer bags or jars.  Make sure the leafy greens are washed, spun, or patted dry and ready to go.  If you don’t want to use packaged pre-cut frozen fruit, one super helpful trick is to cut the fruit into smaller pieces and freeze them on lined baking sheets.  This will help keep the fruits and leafy greens from freezing together in a large clump and as a result, the smoothies will blend more easily.  Remember you’re investing a block of time today to save you way more time throughout the entire month.
  3. Label, Label, Label.  Label each freezer bag or jar with the desired name of the smoothie and the date you intend to use the ingredients.  Make sure to use a labelling system that works for you. You may also want to include your desired water or juice measurement amounts on each smoothie pack so you don’t need to reference your recipes later.  If you live for the moment, feel free to go the unlabeled route to spontaneously pick a random jar or bag each morning.
  4.  Pre-measure.  Now that the washing and labelling are done, you can start pre-measuring the ingredients according to your recipes and sorting them in the right bags.  Be sure to limit the ingredients' exposure to air as much air as possible by tightly sealing the bar or packing the jars.
  5. Freeze em.  Smoothie packs will keep for several months in the freezer, but are the very best quality when used within 2-4 weeks.  After you’re done putting everything in containers, throw them in the freezer.  Try to not pack the bags and jar too close together; they need air circulation to freeze fast and efficiently.  If frost forms on the fruit and greens, they are still perfectly safe to consume.  It can be rinsed off with lukewarm water.  Store smoothie packs away from foods with strong odors.  Glass jars offer the best protection against odors.
  6. Blender time.  Congrats!  All the preparation is done and your smoothies are just a few moments away.  Before blending, thaw for a few minutes on the counter or in warm water.  The fruit and greens will come out of the jars and bags much easier.
  7. Go the extra mile.  If you want, you can also blend your smoothies beforehand and freeze them until ready to drink.  All you need to do is defrost them in the fridge the night before.  Some separation might occur, but the smoothies will still be fine to consume.
  8. Stop the browning.  If you want to prevent your fruits from browning, try brushing or dipping your apples/bananas in lemon juice.  Lemonade, orange juice, or any fruit juice containing citric acid will also work because the citric acid slows the enzymatic reaction.  The only catch is the fruit may taste a little like the juice you used.  Ginger ale can also work without the added taste.

mybestbox Team
mybestbox Team