Unique ways to use avocados (besides eating them!)

While avocados used to be only seasonally available in the produce section, these fruits are showing up in so many different diets at all times of the year. Salads, smoothies, and burgers are all being spiced up with avocados, especially during the summer.

This superfood packs a nutritional punch with a healthy serving of potassium, fiber, B vitamins, and monounsaturated fat (helping you lower bad cholesterol!)

In addition to the edible uses for the fruit, like this awesomely simple guacamole or nutritious smoothie, check out 3 other ways to add more green goodness to your daily routine: 


Hair Treatment

Avocado oil can be used as a treatment for dry and itchy scalp as well as a hair moisturizer. There are plenty of ways to add avocado oil to your hair care regimen, from adding a few drops to your shampoo, applying it directly it to your scalp, or combining it with your conditioner. 

 Facial Care

The antioxidants in avocados can help clear up inflammation on your skin. A DIY face mask is the perfect way to get smooth skin with an all natural combination of avocado and other ingredients like honey, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice.




The fatty acids in avocado oil also make it a great way to moisturize your skin. The vitamin E in avocado oil helps hydrate and soften skin. It absorbs quickly into the skin, which makes it a great moisturizer for areas of the body that are especially dry. Bonus: the oil works great as a makeup remover!





Christine Williams
Christine Williams


Christine Williams is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York.