mybestsmile box introduces Plova Gum


mybestbox is super excited to now include Plova Gum in our mybestsmile Box!

Need your teeth cleaned and breath freshened on your way to work after breakfast? Don’t have time to brush your teeth on the way to your business meeting? Don’t have time to brush your teeth before you go out tonight? With Plova, you’re covered!

Plova chewing gum is not like other gum. Plova is a technology that gives you the convenience of keeping your mouth clean and healthy throughout your busy day.

Plova Chewing Gum is a start-up company based out of San Antonio, Texas that has invented and successfully developed a new oral care product in the form of a chewing gum. Through the use of FDA approved active ingredients, Plova’s proprietary chewing gum is dentist-recommended and is formulated to whiten one’s teeth, help reduce plaque, prevent gingivitis and still maintain an extra fresh peppermint flavor.

mybestbox Team
mybestbox Team