Cool weather warm up: stay fit in cold temperatures

Winter is nearly upon us- unpack those gloves and scarves and prepare for cozy temperatures. Unfortunately, the changing season can impact on your exercise schedule.

It's easy to opt out of a work out with chilly temperatures and earlier sunsets. Don't let your motivation fizzle out! Colder weather shouldn't get in the way of your solid fitness routine. Read on for suggestions to help you adapt your exercise routine to the new season. 

Bundle up


Invest in winter weather gear that keeps you protected when exercising outdoors. Upgrade your wardrobe with longer sleeves and warm fabrics to brace yourself for cool weather workouts. 

Bring a buddy

You're not the only one who wants to beat a personal best! Look
 around your friend group for anyone who frequents the same gym or can join your pre/post work run. If you schedule your gym visits after work, ask a colleague to join you and make it a weekly outing. If you set a date and commit to it, you help yourself stay accountable to your fitness goals.

Try a new class

 Between hip-hop yoga and IMAX cycling, there are no excuses when it comes to finding a fitness class that suits your needs. Take the cold weather opportunity to explore your neighborhood and find an indoor class that gets your heart rate going.

If you already belong to a gym, research the free sessions or group classes the facility already offers. This could be a great way to stay motivated to work towards your goals and meet new people with similar mindsets. 

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Christine Williams
Christine Williams


Christine Williams is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York.