Maintain your healthy lifestyle this summer

Summer is quickly approaching...



Whether you spend the warmest months of the year in a tropical location or escape to find shade at a local park, it's difficult to keep up the healthy habits you've developed over the year (and even harder to keep those January resolutions!)

Don't let the warm weather throw you off your game. When making your summer plans, be sure to use these 3 essentials to maintain your healthy habits. 


Stay hydrated 

Feeling parched? Then you're already dehydrated. While the tried and true 8 glasses a day might be slightly different for you, daily water consumption is vital to your body's overall health. Drinking water gives you enough energy to enjoy summer activities and lowers your risk for other serious illnesses, especially in warmer weather. 




Wear sunscreen is a necessity throughout the year but it's important to stay adamant about its use during the summer. Without sunscreen, the sun's harmful rays can lead to early on-set aging and wrinkles. People of all skin types can benefit from the use of sunscreen when it is applied correctly and consistently. Keep your skin protected with a daily skin regimen that includes a 30 SPF sunscreen. Apply it to all exposed skin whenever your plans take you outdoors (even on cloudy days!)


Supplement your diet 

If you anticipate a shift in your diet over the summer, explore options that will help you account for the change. If you're taking a trip, plan some of your meals ahead of time by picking up fruits and veggies at a grocery store near your vacation destination. When you find yourself enjoying BBQs with friends at home or one too many margaritas at happy hour, find supplements that will help you recover faster. In addition to the water you'll drink all summer, find a vitamin that fits your needs and provides the nutrients your diet may be lacking. 



Christine Williams
Christine Williams


Christine Williams is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York.