Running Myths: the faster you run the faster you're done

Cooler weather is creeping around the corner and with it comes race season. With our newest box, mybestrun, you'll be more than prepared for a strong start to your fall training schedule. 

Whether you're training to beat your personal record or adding a light jog to your weekly workouts, there are some common misconceptions about running. 

We've debunked three major myths so you can feel confident in your stride on the track. 


Running outside is better than the treadmill

If you don't have access to running trails near you, the treadmill can be a great alternative to getting your heart racing. But does running outside have any benefits over the treadmill? That depends. Running indoors provides a consistency that your body may need, especially if you're recovering from an injury. However, running outdoors may engage your hamstrings more than a workout on a treadmill. Other key differences can be found on Active, including ways to boost your treadmill workouts to their maximum potential. 

You should stretch before your run

Contrary to what your P.E teacher may have told you, stretching is best after your muscles are warmed up. "Static stretching," according to Active, "absolutely should not be done before running. Static stretching is best to do after your run. Instead, warm up with dynamic movements like walking lunges, leg swings, butt kicks, high knees and straight leg kicks." Be sure to start your run with 3-5 minutes of light jogging before dynamic stretching for the extended workout.

You have to run everyday 

A consistent running routine can be difficult to establish early on. Between a hectic work schedule and fatigued muscles, running everyday isn't always feasible. Cross training is a vital part of a strong fitness routine. Incorporate a balanced variety of cardio and strength training.

Remember to praise yourself for progress; if you run longer than you did last week, celebrate your wins! Be kind to yourself on your personal journey. 



Christine Williams
Christine Williams


Christine Williams is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York.