Mindful Mealtime Rituals

The practice of creating mealtime routines can bring some peace to our busy lives. Simple habits can make your mealtime routine, whether it's on the go or home with your family, much more enjoyable and worthwhile. 
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Your Best Kitchen – The Ultimate Design Resource Guide

Kitchens are one of the most commonly renovated spaces in a home–and also one of the most expensive–so it’s important to consider all your options before tackling a project of any size. Whether you’re just sketching designs for your dream space or trying to plan a major remodel, Freshome has compiled some kitchen ideas and tips to get you from start to finish.


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Healthy Cooking Oils Made Simple

Have you ever looked at the nutritional facts box on food packaging and felt good after seeing low levels of cholesterol?  We all have.  Even after consistently paying close attention to things like sodium and cholesterol levels, have you ever gone to the doctor and still received a stern warning that you need to watch your cholesterol levels?  We’ve all been there.  How do we raise or lower our cholesterol levels?  Which of the newest oil trends is right for me?  This blog is here to offer a simple, repeat SIMPLE, explanation as to how we can effectively navigate the confusing world of cooking oils and help bring cholesterol levels under control.

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