Treat your feet with mybeststep

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Don't let the cooler weather (and close toed shoes) prevent your paws from looking their best! Check out the highlights of the newest mybeststep box for ideas to maximize your next spa day.

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Fresh recipes to stay hydrated this summer

Staying hydrated doesn't just mean having 8 glasses a day anymore! Read on to find new ways to add water to your summer diet.

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Unique ways to use avocados (besides eating them!)

You know about guacamole, and by now you've seen avocado toast taking over the internet, but you do know about all the health benefits of avocados? Or that they can be a great addition to your daily wellness routine?

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3 Ways to Recover from a BBQ Burnout

Now that you've indulged and eaten everything on the grill, how does your body feel? Before you let that BBQ fare derail your summer health plan, use these 3 easy tips to recover faster from a cookout this summer. 

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5 Superfoods to try in your next smoothie

Are you maximizing your drink’s potential? With all the powders, nutrients, and supplements out there, it can feel overwhelming to choose the best option for you. Here are 5 superfoods to boost your smoothie to the next level

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5 essentials to breeze through spring cleaning

For all of you crawling out of hibernation in cold weather climates, this can be especially exciting news. Warmer temperatures (and more daylight hours) bring the opportunity to prepare your home for the rest of the year. Use these five essential shortcuts to kick start your annual spring cleaning routine.

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