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Image result for dog spa gifTaking care of your feet no longer means an expensive trip to the spa. DIY pedicures can be simple and relaxing in the comfort of your own home!


Don't let the cooler weather (and close toed shoes) prevent your paws from looking their best! Check out the highlights of the newest mybeststep box for ideas to maximize your next spa day.


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  • Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Foot Soak After a long day, cleanse your feet using this peppermint-scented soak to freshen your skin and eliminate odor. 
  • Andrea Foot Spa Jelly Soak Try the lavender scented jelly soak to treat your feet without the mess from a typical foot bath. 
  • Trim From Tip to Toe Kit Many of your pedicure essentials are included in this kit to help you maintain and groom your nails. 


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AHAVA Tea Tree Foot Cream Cure the dry and cracked skin on your soles using this dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, and cruelty-free tea tree scented moisturizer. 

JASON Purifying Tea Tree Nail Saver Apply a coat of this nail saver to rehydrate and revitalize the strength of your nails.

Oatmega Omega-3 Protein Bars Boost your skin, nails, and hair with an Omega-3 infused snack to help prevent breakage.


    • Sponge Foam Toe Separators Use these vital pedicure tools to comfortably separate your toes and make that polish application flawless. 
    • SalonSoc Toeless Socks Whether you want to moisturize your feet overnight or keep them warm during your pedicure, use these toeless socks to complete your pedicure kit. 

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    Christine Williams
    Christine Williams


    Christine Williams is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York.