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AHAVA Tea Tree Foot Cream | Retail $11   Do you hate that dry, cracked sensation of overly dry feet?  Yeah, so do we.  Soften and repair your feet while the tea tree oil protects and deodorizes.  This product is dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, and cruelty free.

Trim From Tip to Toe Kit | Retail $9.88  Nothing requires more maintenance for people on the go than their feet.  Far too often, we neglect to give our wheels the attention they require.  This set is perfect for a quick tune up that will keep your toes feeling great and looking fresh.

JĀSÖN Purifying Tea Tree Nail Saver | Retail $9  Make your pedicure count with this highly potent and natural treatment for healthier, stronger nails.  The undiluted vitamins and antioxidants rehydrate and revitalize dry cuticles and dry nails.

Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Foot Soak | Retail $5.29  Spent the entire day on your feet?  We know your pain, and we've got you covered.  Relax and pamper yourself with Dr. Teal's cooling and revitalizing peppermint epsom salt foot soak.  A good soak will freshen the skin and eliminate that annoying foot odor. 

Andrea Foot Spa Jelly Soak | Retail $1.09   Worried about splashing and making a mess out of your foot soak?  Never fear.  Enjoy the soothing, lavender feeling of a Jelly Soak.  Its thick formula provides a new and inventive way to soak your feet, without all the splash.

Sponge Foam Toe Separators | Retail $6 What would a foot care box be without tools for the perfect pedicure?  Use these soft, foam, separators to comfortably separate toes for easy application of polish. 

Oatmega Omega-3 Protein Bars | Retail $3  Believe it or not, but your diet heavily influences the health of your hair, nails, and skin.  Omega-3 fatty acids strengthen nails and prevent them from breaking.  They also help alleviate dry, cracking skin.  Treat yourself with these tasty, white chocolate raspberry bars infused with omega-3s from fish oil that will keep your skin on point while you're on the go. 

SalonSoc Toeless Socks | Retail $6  Whether you want to moisturize your feet overnight without the discomfort or want to keep your feet warm during pedicures in the winter, these toeless socks will become your best friend.

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